Cyber Attack - online teambuilding

Hack the Hackers!

An exciting virtual codebreaking team game for home and remote workers

A massive cyber attack has struck across the five continents. Criminal hackers working under the pseudonym of “SPECTRE” have infiltrated the digital infrastructure of a large number of major cities around the world. With paralysis and mayhem spreading, you and your colleagues have been called together to start the fight back. It’s time to see if you are up to hack the hackers!

To cover their access, SPECTRE’s cyber attack has locked the electronic control centre of each city with a cunning puzzle. Crack this puzzle and SPECTRE’s grip on the city is broken.

Working in teams up to 8 people connected using video conferencing, players access a secret website with a set of intriguing codebreaking puzzles – each puzzle locks one city. Working as a team, puzzles can be tackled in any order. Puzzles are categorised by city, by difficulty and by nature. In this way, there is plenty to engage everyone in the team.

As puzzles are solved, cities are liberated and points scored. As the pursuit of SPECTRE reaches a finale, clues to the gangs secret hideaway are uncovered. This gives switched-on teams a chance to strike directly at SPECTRE and score big bonus points. Let’s rid the world of this evil outfit once and for all!

Solving puzzles while working as a team on a competitive and thought-provoking activity is inherently fun! You’ll guests will love the competitive element and feel-good factor of working together to crack codes. Cyber Attack is our best-selling virtual team games.

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Remote teambuilding

Teams of 5-8 players

90 to 120 minutes

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Virtual team building

  • We run this group event with your favourite provider: Zoom / Skype / Meet / Webex / Teams…
  • From 90 to 120 minutes, it’s up to you to decide before it starts

Online competition

  • Very competitive online team event (teams see other teams scores) 
  • But collaborative within a team

What will be remembered

  • Fun
  • Adrenaline
  • Lots of wins
  • Colleague skills
  • Importance of strategy

Best Selling teambuilding

  • Our best online teambuilding
  • A game design to engage everyone in the team
  • Plenty of very good feedbacks from clients

Team Learning

  • Identify Team strenghs
  • Time management
  • Small and big wins
  • Learn from mistales
  • Strategy assessment


We all spent a fantastic time with Cyber Attack. I strongly recommend. This online game is perfect for team cohesion. Thanks a lot!


Cyber Attack is a very fun and clever online teambuilding event with a various puzzle allowing everyone to engage.

Marie N. – BLOUNT

Event better than an virtual escape game!

Alex E. – Imagine Games

Details and technicals

CyberAttack can be played on most devices. We recommend laptop, desktop or tablet. In addition, one member of each team taking part will need to download and install a game app (Loquiz) to their smartphone. When you finish your game you can safely uninstall the app. No personal data is collected or stored.

You need a reliable internet connection both to connect virtually to your team members and to the game.

This game can be run with your favorite meeting solution: we use Zoom / Meet / Teams / Remo / Airmeet.